*A few rumors have been flying around lately (when aren’t they) about Drake and Trey Songz being gay. The pair have collaborated on several records recently and joined Usher’s OMG Tour and have also been relatively close lately.

Songz tried to justify their developing relationship by explaining on New York’s Power 105.1 that he has long conversations with Drake because he understands him.

“For two young men going thru the same thing in life right now as far as a woman, as far money and endorsements, shows, records popularity; it’s definitely cool to have somebody to talk to,” Songz told the Breakfast Club. “No matter how many people I got around, how many homeboys I got or homeboys he got…nobody understands this unless you’re living it. So to have conversations like women money or whatever like I said, I talk to him about everything I’m going through right now and he talks to me about the same.”

But this isn’t the first time Songz came across rumors of him being gay. He actually heard it last year, he said.

“The first I heard about it was on a blog about a year ago and I remember the actual day because I was with my manager Kevin,” says Songz. “He said, did you hear about this? He said we ignore stuff like that but I was hot because I love the ladies. What I’ve learned in this business that people will make their own reality of whatever they want to. What I encourage my fans to do, and people that just have a sensible mind… is you can’t allow whatever someone else says to be your truth. Just because it’s written on an Internet blog that has so many viewers or so many hits it doesn’t make it true. I just keep living my life, you know the truth always comes to light.”