*Producers behind axed TV series “Ugly Betty” are trying to distance themselves from reports of actor Michael L. Brea being a part of the show, insisting the murder suspect was one of many background extras used throughout filming.

Brea was arrested on Nov. 23 and charged with murder after his mother Yannick was found stabbed to death at her New York apartment.

He was mentioned in headlines as the “Ugly Betty actor” as details of the brutal scene unfolded. He eventually confessed to slaying his mother in a religious sacrifice, insisting he was “doing the work of God.”

But the show’s second assistant director Jim Nickas is adamant the actor has been too closely tied to “Ugly Betty” – revealing he worked only as a background extra in one episode of the series in 2009.

“He worked two days on the first episode we filmed (for) Season Four,” Nickas tells the New York Post. “We have 90 background actors the first day and 70 the second day. Some (posing as) restaurant staff, but mostly patrons. So it is pretty lame that the headlines have read: ‘Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea.'”

Nickas admits he had “never heard” of Brea before consulting the show’s casting records, adding, “He has also been reported as being on ‘Step Up 3D,’ which is kind of funny because my wife worked on that movie, and she didn’t remember him, either.”