*Donnetia Rabb, 35, has been identified as the woman who famously kicked Usher in the face during a concert this month at Madison Square Garden.

The 35-year-old fan was tracked down by UsMagazine.com to discuss the Dec. 13 incident. Rabb said she “never intended to kick him in the face, much less draw attention to such a mishap during the evening of an amazing performance.”

Though Usher, 32, previously joked with Us that “he got a kick out of it,” Rabb hopes the Grammy-winning singer will accept her mea culpa.

“I would like to extend my sincerest apology to you and all of your fans. The concert was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining that I have ever attended,” the New Jersey resident says. “I do hope that my over excited, once in a lifetime moment did not leave you with any marks or even as much as a headache.”

To further prove her regret, Rabb hopes to publicly present the pop star with an apology gift before the next leg of his tour.