*If you were ever wondering, “Desperate Housewives” co-star Eva Longoria is doing fine.

Vanessa Williams, co-star of the TV drama, told reporters that her friend and peer is doing well with the divorce, calling her a survivor.

Williams sat down with chat show, “The Talk” and revealed that Longoria will recover soon.

“We just spent the whole day shooting and you know, she’s really doing well. She thanks you for all your prayers. She’s a survivor and she’s a beautiful, talented, wonderful woman and she will find someone else when she’s ready. She’s gonna be fine, we love her.”

Williams added to the conversation that she was quite intrigued with the public’s reaction to the divorce, explaining that despite Longoria’s tremendous success, beauty, and apparent fame, she still is human and flawed.

“It’s fascinating to see how people say she’s got it all: she’s gorgeous, she’s an entrepreneur, she has her own restaurant, she can cook, she’s a mogul, and then there’s a component to her life that is normal and flawed and unhappy, you know, so the grass isn’t always greener.”

Williams herself attempts to live as normal of a life she can. Before going to the studio for the interview, she cheered on her 10-year-old daughter Sasha at a swim meet. She said Sasha claimed two first place ribbons.