*The drama surrounding Aretha Franklin’s illness just became even more interesting. It seems that her longtime “friend,” singer Keith Washington (pictured with Franklin), who had a hit back in the early 90s (“Kissing You”), kinda betrayed her.

Washington, who now hosts a local Detroit radio show called “Kisses After Dark” on WDMK/105.9 Kiss FM, took it upon himself to broadcast a private conversation with her on the radio and online.

The station even put up a YouTube clip of the conversation, which is dated Dec.8, that shows Washington having a brief convo with a weak sounding Aretha:

KW: “Is there any possible way that I could, at your discretion, just get a brief interview with you because all of your fans have just been calling the station, so concerned.”

Aretha: “When I feel better, Keith.”

KW: “But, you are OK?”

Aretha: “We’re waiting for confirmation from the doctors.”

Click the player below to watch it:

A source close to Aretha told BlackVoices.com that Keith and Aretha are friends but,

“It was wrong Aretha didn’t know she was getting taped.”

After the two hung up the phone Keith is heard telling someone in the studio:

“Just talking to her right now and hearing her say they are waiting for certain things is kind of touchy and becomes sensitive to me because if there was nothing wrong, they wouldn’t be waiting on results.”

Later, Washington was seen on Detroit’s FOX2 news speaking on the status on Franklin’s health.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t make Washington look good. If we had to guess, we’d say his friendship with Lady Soul, at the very least, is going to be very strained. The bottom line question is would a “friend” do what he did in making their conversation public, especially without her knowledge or consent?

Meanwhile, BV says that neither Washington, Kiss FM or Franklin’s spokesperson, Tracy Jordan, has responded to their request for a comment.

Here’s Washington on Fox2: