*There is King, there is Letterman, and there is Jones – Dr. Bobby Jones – BET’s lifesize front man, host of Bobby Jones Gospel. With his slick hair, joe-cool shades, and often sleek suits, Tennessee-born Jones is one of the most recognized personalities on Sunday morning television.

His name may not be associated with night time T.V. moguls, but he is most certainly of that rank and holds the unique position of hosting one of the longest running programs on cable television, which according to Jones, is the networks #1 program.

This year Bobby Jones Gospel, BET’s first and longest running show, is also celebrating its 30th anniversary.

What started out as a travelling gospel act has been “botoxed” into the polished gospel showcase that we know today. The show calls Studio B in Washington, D.C. its home but Jones has taken his shows into the “highways and byways” of the nation over the years and it has seen its share of variety. Yet, Bobby Jones Gospel perpetually showcases top gospel talent, new artists, and legends along with brief standup interviews. Numerous gospel acts have attested that an appearance this broadcasting king pin’s show has broken their careers.

Network president of music and entertainment, Stephen Hill says, “Dr. Bobby Jones gives us a center regardless of where pop culture goes.”

During a surprise visit at the recording of season thirty, Hill acknowledged Jones’ valuable presence at the network by presenting a check to the National Diabetes Association (NDA) in the amount of $30-thousand. Jones is a spokesperson for the NDA.

View the video below to hear Hill’s appreciation for Bobby Jones Gospel.