*Brandy has said that she “really connected” with Bristol Palin during their time together on “Dancing With The Stars.”

During an appearance Wednesday on “Lopez Tonight,” the singer was asked about her relationship with Palin – who shocked the world by advancing in the competition over Brandy on week nine.  [Scroll down to watch.]

“Oh my God, Bristol and I really connected,” she responded. “When you’re in that type of environment everybody gets close at some point because we are in the same boat and there together all the time.”

She went on to say that she and Bristol, who eventually finished in third place, would work on their facial expressions in the mirror together.

Brandy also reasserted her previous statements that although she did not scoop the winner’s trophy, she had regained her confidence following her stint on the ABC competition.

“I really wanted the trophy, I can’t lie, but I promise what I got out of the experience the Mirror Ball Trophy only would have confirmed,” she explained. “I got my confidence back and I believe more in myself and I owe that to Maks (Chmerkovskiy) as well, so it was a great experience.”

The singer and actress also took to her Twitter account yesterday to reminisce about her time on the show, writing: “Can’t sleep… Not good:( Watching youtube videos of me and Maksim dancing.. I miss @MaksimC so much:( *tears*”

“Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business” returns to VH1 on December 5 at 11/10c. “Lopez Tonight” airs weeknights at 12/11c on TBS.