Andrew Pendergraft

*A 10-year-old Harrison, Arkansas kid named Andrew Pendergraft is making headlines with the unabashed racism he spews in a series of film critiques on YouTube effort,“The Andrew Show.”

His webcasts show him awkwardly reading lines that inevitably bring up the issue of race, with Andrew taking up the pro-white banner. For example, Andrew didn’t like “Marmaduke’s” message that all dogs are created equal, or the fact that “G.I. Joe” had a scene with a black man and a white woman “kissing for a long time.”

Here’s  his review of Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”:

Andrew: The princess is black — so that is good for all the black kids out there — but the prince is white, and it’s all about how race-mixing is good.  But race-mixing is wrong.

(Friend) Alex:  If all the people mix up, there won’t be any more white kids!

Andrew goes on to complain that the film is anti-Christian since the “good guy” is a Voodoo priest, and Voodoo is a black race blasphemy, while Christianity is the religion of white people. “Voodoo doctors worship the Devil so it’s a pretty bad movie for kids, especially white kids,” Andrew concludes. “Be white and proud. Bye.”

In its most recent edition of “Hatewatch,” the Southern Poverty Law Center points out that Andrew and his sisters Charity, 19, and Shelby, 17, are being reared by their parents to hate all things non-white and homosexual.

According to an article in The Sun, Andrew loves to go to the White Christian Revival Center in Harrison where he preaches, and after he finishes shooting his latest segment on the family internet TV project, “White People TV,” he and about 30 other Klan Kids go out bowling.

“It is so much fun!” Andrew enthuses.

Andrew Pendergraft with his sisters and mother at a cross burning.

The flaming cross, meanwhile, is central to the whole hate project, according to Andrew’s sister, Charity, and has been misunderstood by outsiders and race-mixers: “We don’t call it cross-burning. It is meant to highlight that Jesus died for us on the cross,” she told the Sun.

Below, Andrew warns against race mixing.