*Willow Smith is making her mark in the industry and is possibly putting her personal touch to an old school track.

She’s thinking about remaking her daddy’s original “Parents Just Don’t Understand” which she thinks is a suitable song for her style and audience.

In an interview with Yahoo Music, the young star shared her thoughts about her career.

On a remake of “Parents Just Don’t Understand”: There’s a possibility that I will … it’s a really great song.

What advice you get from your parents? Have fun because that’s the best. If you’re not really having fun then there’s no point of really trying. And sometimes it can be work [but] you need to do it. Sometimes you have to do it because you have to promote your song.

What’s the message of your music? I have the motto that says “Whatever you see in your closet that you like… pick it and wear it.” It’s not just your closet but it’s with your life. Whatever catches your eye… check it out. If you want to jump over a log, jump over a log.

Willow has also been working with Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z and says the experience has been great and the rapper makes it easy and fun.

“When I have an idea and I express it to him, he doesn’t say “Oh, that’s bad I don’t like that!” He tries to make it better.”