*A 1980s blooper reel showing the puppet from the TV sitcom “Alf” mocking Tourette’s Syndrome by using the N-word repeatedly has found new life online.

The clip of outtakes was posted online a year ago without much notice, but controversy was recently ignited when it went viral after being featured on the kitsch website BadTVBlog on Dec. 21, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The video includes excerpts from show rehearsals in which the alien character (a hand-puppet operated by series creator Paul Fusco) is seen parodying a then-recent 1989 episode of L.A. Law that included a character with Tourette’s Syndrome uttering the N-word.

The puppet can also be heard cursing and using sexual innuendo during scenes with a female co-star.  Watch below.

The Tourette’s segment begins at 4:40. Warning: NSFW.