*It’s been interesting watching the comeback of Michael Vick. We know his popularity is mushrooming again and also because of his awesome play on the field, he’s the leading vote getter for the NFL Pro Bowl.

But what about endorsements? The man who once had endorsement deals with blue-chip sponsors like Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Kraft and Nike came to be seen as a pariah in the eyes of corporate America. His Nike deal had been the richest of any football player.

As we all know, he lost all of those deals and his $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons when he was convicted of operating an illegal dog fighting ring. However, a recent Forbes article points out that corporate America is starting to dip its toe back into the water with Vick.

A Nissan dealership in Woodbury, N.J. outside of Philadelphia signed Vick to his first post-prison endorsement deal. Get this, Vick was not paid, but he gets free use of a customized Nissan Armada in exchange for appearing in a few ads.

Watch the video below to see the adverts which have been edited together into one package. Even though they don’t have great production values, they still convey the message and show off Vick’s sense of humor:

Obviously the question now is could more endorsements be heading Michael Vick’s way? And the answer is hell yeah! That is if he leads the Eagles deep into the playoffs and continues his strong play. Who would’ve thought all this would even be possible two years ago?