Kim Kardashian surrounded by photogs at The Grove/LA (photo by Kathy Williamson)

*Kim Kardashian launched her newest retail venture, a Brissmor signature watch collection, last night at the Whisper Lounge at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Three risers of paparazzi spilled over as photogs clamored to get a shot. The red carpet was really a white carpet, every inch sprinkled carefully with glitter by two hard-working staffers.

A few shoppers were inconvenienced by the event when they found that they had to retrace their steps in order to find another exit to their autos. Another long line wrapped around the east side of the shopping center for a Jane Fonda book signing. Such a busy Tuesday night!

Kim Kardashian shows off one of her signature watches with two of the owners of the  Brissmor Company: Bright Riley (L) and Suamana ‘Swoop’ Brown (R). For MORE info on the company, click HERE.

Kim was ushered from a black Cadillac Escalade by two human Nutcracker men to the white sparkly carpet where she greeted reporters and took the obligatory photos, before darting inside the Whisper Lounge for her waiting guests.

Watch Kathy Williamson’s Raw Video from Event:

Kim shows off her Brissmor signature watch (photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

Kim K and her Brissmor watch are lookin' good (another snap from Vinni Ratcliff)