*Trinidad’s government officials are scrutinizing Nicki Minaj and those behind her recent concert performance. According to reports, they are suspicious about her payment, which came to about $825,000 for her performance at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain.

The promoter, Project Records and Trinidad’s Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, put on the show, which also featured local talent.

The Boom Box reports that Minaj racked up the highest bill among all performers. $382,000 was spent on the Young Money Barbie and her entourage, with $60,000 for hotel rooms at the local Hilton. Other expenses included $150,000 on advertising, $75,000 on the venue, $32,000 to the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, $40,000 on other artists, and $26,000 for “cultural acts.”

Funds came from the youth development budget.

Many are saying she was overpaid and may have been a sabotaging move against the youth.

“All allegations are that a private individual is benefiting at the end of the day and putting money in his own pocket,” argued Diego Martin Central MP Dr Amery Browne. “That must be a concern to every single citizen and it is something the Government has to respond to. They have been very silent so far on this matter and they seem very offended when legitimate questions are asked about this particular project.”

But others are arguing that there was no cover up. Darryl Braxton of Project Records insists everything was legit.

“The show did not make any money. I did not make a cent. I am still owing money,” he said in an interview.

Minaj, who was born in Trinidad, left the country as a child to move to Queens, New York. Footage from the concert was featured on her MTV documentary ‘My Time Now.’