*Vanessa Williams and Lionel Richie are among the celebrities tapped to search their family roots in a new season of Lisa Kudrow’s TV series “Who Do You Think You Are?”

NBC said Tuesday that Ashley Judd, Steve Buscemi, Rosie O’Donnell, Kim Cattrall and Tim McGraw will also explore their family trees in season 2.

Kudrow, the former “Friends” star, is an executive producer for “Who Do You Think You Are?” and researched her own ancestry for the show last season. She said celebrities who take part are eager to find answers about their family history.

“It’s not just like you show up for a couple hours and you’re done,” Kudrow said. “It’s kind of a commitment. So the people who want to do it are genuinely interested in finding answers to their questions.”

Last year’s season finale detailed Spike Lee’s search for his roots in Georgia and Texas, trying to find out more about his mother’s slave ancestry. [Watch entire episode below.]

“Who Do You Think You Are?” returns early next year on NBC.