*Coming off of a two-year layoff, which included having a baby with fiancée and Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel “boobie” Gibson, Keyshia Cole is back and ready for action.

Cole, now 29, that her new love and motherhood are the best things that life has to offer.

“It’s great, it brings a whole new inspiration to life,” Cole told The BoomBox of motherhood. “I don’t even know what I would do without that love.”

With the new album, “Calling All Hearts,” hitting stores today, Dec. 21, Cole seems to be in a good place with her relationship with Gibson, but there’s still the issue of her biological family:

Despite a strong foundation on the home front, her relationship with members of her extended family is currently not so stable. Cole’s mother Frankie Lons, who appeared on her BET reality show ‘The Way It Is,’ is no longer part of her life, which she publicly addressed earlier in the year.

The two often hashed out unhealed wounds on the show, which lasted three seasons, only to later go their separate ways. The family drama deepened when Lons and Cole’s oldest sister Neffeteria ‘Neffie’ Pugh starred in the spinoff show ‘Frankie and Neffie.’

Cole openly expressed her disapproval of the show, which went on for two seasons. Lons, who has admitted to drug addiction, has lived a large portion of her life in and out of jail, and on the streets, causing her to give Cole, and her other siblings up for adoption.

Lons now appears to be on the road to sobriety and while mother and daughter have yet to fully reconcile, a hopeful Cole sent a dedication to her biological mother in her album, expressing her “patience” with the possibility of healing their rift.

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CWatch her new single, “I Ain’t Thru,” featuring current ‘it’ girl, Nicki Minaj: