Robin Ware

*It’s important that we pay close attention to timing of events that occur in our lives. We shouldn’t allow time to float by or to let things just happen. For those with a destination in mind, you have to understand the value of providential moments.

We serve a God with a purpose. He uses providential moments to effect and or change our current paths permanently if we are obedient. As we get closer to the end of this year of trying times, economic challenges and multiple job losses, it’s imperative that we draw even closer to God.

One of my first providential moments occurred in October 2003 when I was downsized from my job. I immediately knew that my survival depended on how I handled this moment. As I look back over the past years, I can tell you that I thank God that I recognized this occurrence as a providential moment that would segue way me into my purpose and not as an instance that was recorded by me as being wronged, picked on or overlooked.

Often times, we as Christians don’t practice what we preach. We consistently say that we want what God has for us. It troubles me that when God gives us what he has for us, we question him, curse him and even turn our backs on him. The story of Job is so befitting for those who want to finish well. We know that God allowed the enemy to test Job. We have to understand that our tests and trials are no surprise to him.

If we are doers of the Word, we know that the enemy will want to challenge God’s best, which we all are. What assignments have you not completed that you know you must before the end of this year? Is it a book, a program for youth, or even a new career? What providential moment did you experience that clued you in that its time to make the next move?

It’s heart wrenching to get knocked out when you are in a fight. Successful fighters spend years preparing physically and mentally for the challenge that lies ahead. Like fighters, God prepares us seasons in advance. Don’t take anything for granted. You may not be where you think you should be, but what you have already experienced was for you to use in this season. God knew then what he could trust you with.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the talents. One man was given 5 talents, one was given 2 and one was given 1. The catch is that they were given talents based on their ability. In order to finish the rest of this year of “birthing” it’s important to get back in place, refocus and commit to go all the way so that you finish well.

Scripture Of The Day: “You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” – Hebrews 10:36

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