*As hard as it was to believe Allen Iverson was considering retirement ­- not that the ridiculous injuries, minimal time on the court, and bad reputation made the reports unbelievable – the pro-baller’s representative is denying any allegations of retirement.

Iverson is actually scheduled to for surgery to remove a lesion in his leg and will be in rehab for at least six weeks.

Afterward, he should be rejoining the team in Turkey for the playoffs.

“People need to know that Allen is and always has been a fighter,” said Iverson’s manager Gary Moore. “He’s got a battle ahead of him.”

Just remember where Iverson is now. He was traded from the Sixers to Denver, then to Detroit. After sitting on the bench too much, he went back to the Philadelphia, where he ended up taking a leave of absence for family reasons. In his attempt to return to the NBA, no one would take him. So now he’s playing with a Turkish club, the Besiktas on a two-year $4 million contract.