*If you didn’t ever like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, you might be saying, ‘Karma is a motha.’ The judge thought he could get away with something, possibly thinking he was above the law. But, it looks like things are starting to come back around for the conservative.

Common Cause, a watchdog group, told the press Friday that Thomas has not been reporting his wife’s income of about $686,589. Virginia Thomas was on the receiving end of money from the Heritage Foundation between 2003 and 2007, however the funds were never reported.

According to the watchdog group, it was well known Mrs. Thomas was employed by the foundation and also worked with Liberty Central, which paid her an unknown salary in 2009.

“It wasn’t a miscalculation; he simply omitted his wife’s source of income for six years, which is a rather dramatic omission,” NYU professor, Stephen Gillers said. “It could not have been an oversight.”

The professor also commented that the judge is in violation of the law and could receive a penalty.

But Steven Lubet, an expert on judicial ethics at Northwestern University School of Law, said such an infraction was unlikely to result in a penalty. Although unfamiliar with the complaint about Thomas’ forms, Lubet said failure to disclose spousal income “is not a crime of any sort, but there is a potential civil penalty” for failing to follow the rules. He added: “I am not aware of a single case of a judge being penalized simply for this.”