*Hip Hop has taken on a new level of respect or perhaps mockery, depending on how you look at things.

Common has been summoned as the keynote speaker for the University of Wyoming’s 10th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. March and Days of Dialogue. The five day event, set to begin on Jan. 17, will feature tributes and celebratory homage to the Civil Rights leader. Common will make his address on Jan. 18.

“When charged with planning the 10th celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. Days of Dialogue and March, we as a committee, felt that it was important to discuss as many pieces to diversity as possible. We are covering many issues including race, sexual orientation, veterans and religion,” said Kate Steiner, a co-chair of the event, in a press release.

Also included on the program is Dead Prez (below), performing on Jan. 21. The organizers say their goal is to empower all people from different backgrounds.

The theme is “A Decade of Defining Diversity Through Dialogue,” and will focus on progress in the last decade and ways to improve civil rights efforts in the future.