*OK, now it’s really getting very interesting and juicy at the same time in the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson case. TMZ is reporting that the doctor’s defense will focus on Jackson’s previous tours.

The strategy is show a pattern of being in a weakened state for all of his tours as well as when he was preparing for the London “This Is It” concerts that, of course, never happened.

Sources connected with the criminal case tell TMZ … there’s “compelling evidence” that MJ was in weakened health whenever he went on tour. Specifically, people who went on various tours  — including the “Bad” and “Dangerous” concerts — say Jackson was frequently “dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived.”  

Just like with Dr. Murray, Jackson had a doctor who accompanied him during rehearsals and tours, attending to his needs.

The point … the grueling concert schedules reduced MJ to a physical mess, prone to relying on and demanding drugs to sleep.

The “This Is It” London tour was especially grueling, because AEG added dozens of concert dates for Michael, who was already in an extremely weakened state and terrified he would fail.

All of this dovetails into a defense theory … that Jackson felt enormous pressure to rehearse for the “This Is It” tour, and when he couldn’t sleep he relied on Propofol to do the trick. The defense believes when Murray walked out of the room and Jackson woke up, he accidentally infused himself with a fatal dose of the drug out of frustration and fear.

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled to begin on Jan. 4. At that time, Judge Michael Pastor will decide if there is enough evidence to support the involuntary manslaughter charge. As many as 30 witnesses are expected to be called to testify in the two-week hearing. Dr Murray, 52, faces up to four years in prison if he is convicted.

Like we said, it’s getting very interesting and juicy at the same time.