Auburn running back Michael Dyer

*He never heard a whistle, never felt his knee hit the turf. So, Auburn’s Michael Dyer popped up, took a few steps, then stopped and looked around.

In that split second – the amount of time it takes to shout “War Eagle!” – Dyer placed himself right up there alongside Cam Newton, Bo Jackson and every other great player to wear the Auburn uniform.

Realizing the play was still going, Dyer started running again – past the tackler who thought he had him down, deep into Oregon territory. The stop-and-go maneuver – a once-in-a-lifetime run – set up a short field goal on the last play that sent No. 1 Auburn over the No. 2 Ducks 22-19 in the BCS title game Monday night.

“My knee wasn’t down,” Dyer said. “I didn’t hear a whistle, not yet, so I was kind of like, looking, like, what’s going on?'”

With his 37-yard run, the freshman did what most fans thought impossible: He upstaged Newton, the Heisman winner who turned his first – maybe only – season at Auburn into a title-winning run.

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