*Boris Kodjoe is on the move. Besides his acting career, he and his actress wife, Nicole Ari Parker, have started a foundation for their daughter’s sickness, as well as a custom shirt line.

In an interview with VIBE, he shared his thought about “Undercovers” being canceled, how he and his wife deal with love scenes, his daughter’s battle with spina bifida and more.

On “Undercovers”: Every week I did something crazy that I hadn’t done before. One time I blew a hole through a concrete wall and climbed thru it into a tall building. Then I would jump out of planes, making my way from a cockpit. It was crazy but it was so much a fun as an actor being able to do so many things on a daily basis, that almost never happens.

On love scenes: Nicole is a beautiful actress who’s had her share of love interests in films over the years with everybody from Denzel [Washington] to Eddie Murphy so it’s a very balanced situation. I’ve watched her do those scenes and she’s watched me, but now we have our little rituals. When I know a love scene of hers is coming up I usually get up and make myself a sandwich so I don’t have to watch [laughs]. We make fun of it. She’ll critique my technique, tell me what it looks like and what I could have done better.

On daughter’s spina bifida illness: Spina bifida is a birth and spine defect that affects the bowels, bladder and legs. When you have a child with spina bifida it’s about 13 times more expensive. The spectrum is really wide some children are in wheelchairs, others are in leg braces or use canes or walkers. It effects mobility. So the manangement of a child with spina bifida is quite intense and it effects the family in a very deep way- it can be traumatic.

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