Mitrice Richardson

*After an emotional public appeal, the mother of a 24-year-old California woman whose remains were found in Malibu Canyon last summer has persuaded Los Angeles County authorities to exhume the remains and involve the FBI crime lab in examining them and the daughter’s clothing.

The exhumation and the FBI participation marked a victory in Latice Sutton’s long struggle to get authorities to investigate her daughter’s mysterious disappearance as a murder, Sutton said Wednesday.

“If you think about it, it’s just been me, my sister-in-law and my friend, and we have been going up against the entire bureaucracy,” said Sutton, 46, of La Verne, California.

Her daughter, Mitrice Richardson, disappeared in September 2009 after she left the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lost Hills/Malibu station, where she had been detained for allegedly being unable to pay $89.51 for food and drink at a Malibu restaurant.

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