*The big screen ain’t just for actors, but it’s also for pop/R&B singers like Ne-Yo. In fact, he’s no stranger to acting and will be making himself comfortable on screen once again for the sci-fi thriller “Battle: Los Angeles.”

He will play the role of a marine who fights in a battle against an alien invasion. The film’s trailer showcases the city of L.A. preparing for what was reported as a meteor attack. But after some of these objects hit the ground, a platoon of marines discover that it’s really extraterrestrials who re really responsible for the disaster.

Ne-Yo is beginning to shine on the big screen and is proving to be a true multi-talented artist. He will also be starring in the upcoming film, “Red Tails,” which recounts the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.

“I told myself, if I’m going to be an actor, I want to be an actor, meaning that you can’t just limit yourself to one genre of film,” Ne-Yo says “Stomp the Yard,’ as cool as it was, it was very, very similar to what I do already. I’m a dancer/singer by profession. I needed to step outside of me and do something that really showed off whether or not I could really act.”

“Battle: Los Angeles” will debut on March 11. Check out the trailer: