*On the new season of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” Keshia Knight Pulliam is gearing up to play the role of Miranada, who she says the common woman can relate to.

On the show, her character, Miranda, has dealt with the tribulations and joys of striving to maintain a relationship with her boyfriend-turned-husband, Calvin Payne (Lance Gross).

She took some time out to speak with Amir Shaw (rollingout.com) about relationships and marriage.

Since you were in the spotlight at such an early age, was it difficult dating and trusting guys who were really into you and not just hanging on because of what you’ve achieved?

Keshia Pulliam: Sometimes you get people who just want to hang around because of I’ve done. But as you get older, dating is about finding the diamond in the ruff. God made me so I’m sure he made my counterpart. I’m patient. Until it’s time, I want to work on me and we will meet when we are suppose to.

You see so much information about there not being enough available black men for women. From your experience, do you think that is true or is it something being perpetuated by the media?

I don’t know if there is a lack of good men. But when you haven’t taken the time to know yourself and articulate what you want in a relationship, you can’t possible find that person for you because you don’t know what you’re looking for. Most times, if you don’t have yourself together, it’s not going to work.

What’s the best way for women to approach relationships?

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