*Like they say, timing is everything. If only President Obama could’ve gotten voters to think of him then, the way they do now:

53 percent of Americans now approve of his job as president, according to a new poll of 1,000 Americans by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

That’s an eight percent increase from December. The number of people who disapprove fell to 41 percent from 48 percent.

Independents are having their best feelings about the president since August 2009, the last time positive opinions outweighed negative ones among unaffiliated voters.

A lot of the good vibes come from his victories with the lame-duck congress and his handling of the shooting massacre in Arizona, say the “experts.”

The poll’s respondents didn’t express much faith in the new GOP House: a quarter said they won’t bring the right kind of change to Washington, and 55 percent said they’ll be too inflexible dealing with Obama.

Fifty-five percent also said they trust Obama to strike the right balance with his opponents.

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