*Hip Hop artists keep the public entertained with their blinged out chains and ridiculous charms, etc.

Gucci Mane once showed up with a Bart Simpson chain and Busta Rhymes has been seen rocking an icy map of New York City. Oh and we can’t forget T-Pain’s big-ass hanging piece that says, “Big Ass Chain.”

Kanye West has definitely showed up with some very interesting neckpieces like the artistically adorned Egyptian Horus and pyramid ring. But this time he’s done something pretty interesting, a yellow gold Tiret watch emblazoned with a diamond studded rendition of his face. But the diamonds come in yellow, brown, and white.

Tiret says it took him over 5 months to create the watch but was worth Kanye’s $180,000.

Don’t be surprised if you hear about other stars showing up with something similar. In fact, Usher commissioned the Damon Dash-owned New York luxury watch company to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece with his face on it for a cool $250,000, reports theboombox.com.