*By now, we all must be a little tired of hearing about washed up boy band member, Raz B.

After going at it with bigger than he (Raz B) ever could be singer Chris Brown via Twitter, Raz all of a sudden is denying that he has any beef. He’s actually claiming that he never made any disrespectful comments about Brown and that it was people around him that got the whole mess going.

“I must be honest with everyone! Like I sent a message to @Chrisbrown I honestly never tweeted that message to Chris! I did say something along the line however my respect for chris I would never do him like that! That’s why I had to step up and make things right!

“To add all these videos you see of my emotions I never posted them nor tagged them! People try real hard to tear you down! Look how the media try to do Chris! At the same time things shouldnt had been said! Its the people around me that started this! so please stop the hate mail.”

Raz B is looking loonier by the minute.