*Rhymefest has finally jumped over the hurdles of insults, opponent comments and doubts in order to finally run for an alderman position in Chicago’s 20th Ward.

Born Che Smith, the new political candidate is running in the February election.

Some of his opponents, of course have been attempting to find dirt on his name and ways to tarnish it. Some questioned his residency in Chicago and claimed he was not a competent candidate due to his Hip Hop background.

“After all my opponents have attempted to do in the name of politics like challenging my name on the ballot we continue [to] overcome!” Rhymefest tweeted.

In the midst of it all, the rapper/politician has his share of supporters, including world-renowned scholar Cornel West.

“I am in his corner 155 percent on a scale of 100,” West states. “He has been fundamentally concerned with how to serve the people — you can serve artistically, religiously, politically.”