*Lil Romeo is all grown up now and looking good. Although he’s been sort of on the low-key tip, he’s readying himself for a new gig with NBC drama “The Cape.”

The actor/rapper and USC student will play the role of Lil Z, a witty gangster and homie of Pokerface, played by Michael Irby.

Acting has proven to be second nature for Romeo. He is known for his leading role in the 2003 film “Honey” and will star in the upcoming film, “Jumping the Broom.”

He’s currently enrolled at USC and played with the ball team up until May of last year.

So now he’s ready to focus on different things like acting and business.

Ambitious at 21, Romeo also announced that he’s plans to re-launch his father’s record label, No Limit Records. When that will happen is another feat in and of itself.

“The Cape” airs Mondays 9pm E/P.