*After pleading with the public for his precious laptop, Ryan Leslie is in better spirits, we hope, because the two have reunited. But the prize money has not be handed over.

Back in October, the entertainer told his fans and friends his laptop loaded with unreleased material, wound up missing in Germany. He originally offered a $20,000 reward for its return, but upped the ante to $1 million.

In November somewhere near Cologne, Germany a man happened upon Leslie’s missing bag and laptop, while walking through the forest.

As bizarre as that sounds, that was the story the man gave. The rescuer of the bag then turned over the items to the police.

Since his heroic find, the man, whose real name is unknown, never received payment. He took the false advertisement to the press and made it a public scene. He showed Leslie’s passport and police report to the camera, explaining the singer/songwriter hasn’t returned his e-mails.

And for some reason Leslie has yet to speak on the issue. Hmm, we wonder why?