*Once again the LAPD is in a pickle over the shooting death of a black man and an LAPD officer.

Two things make this case even more controversial. The dead man, Reginald Doucet Jr., 25 (pictured), was not only unarmed, but he was naked. The officer who fired the fatal shots is black also.

Then incident happened early Friday morning. After a night of partying too hard in Hollywood, Doucet took a cab home, but when he arrived at his tony Playa Vista apartment, he didn’t have any cash. To prove to the cab driver that he would return, he took his clothes off. Unfortunately things only got worse from there. He was locked out of his apartment and reportedly started yelling and acting erratically.

The cab driver called the police, and things escalated from there. A police officer with only 17 months on the force shot Doucet. He died at the hospital.