*If you missed it, Mary Harvey appeared on HLN on Thursday and spoke with Jane Velez-Mitchell about what prompted her to reveal her story via public videos on YouTube after 12 years of remaining silent:

“For so many years, I have just really dealt with so much bullying from Steve, from his team, from his camp. I just really personally cannot live my life under the umbrella of fear. I have been in fear for so long because I’ve been bullied in the court of Texas. I just choose not to be bullied any more because it’s just too emotionally devastating for me. It’s like walking around in my life and I’m not alive in my life. Steve mentioned a little while ago that our son was crying and I’m pretty sure Wynton has been crying. But Wynton has been crying since 2005 when all of this happened. As far as the children, Steve and Marjorie should’ve thought about our children when they decided to take on this selfish act that they decided to follow.”