*If reports are true, Wesley Snipes isn’t letting a three-year stint behind bars stop him from conducting business moves on the outside. Apparently, the actor is working on a video game while serving time for tax fraud.

According to IGN, he’s teamed up with Lapland Studio to develop a puzzle-espionage title for iPhone and iPad.

The project, titled Julius Styles: The International, was inspired by a number of films Snipes starred in, including “Art Of War” and “Passenger 57.”

“Julius Styles will offer something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior lover,” Snipes has said of the project. “I love games that challenge my mind and reflexes. Julius Styles pits your street knowledge survival skills with your academic intellect and spiritual intuition.”

Lapland Studio CEO Ilkka Immonen told Eurogamer that it will not need the actor’s involvement for the next six to eight months.

“At this stage we don’t need his involvement so much. I don’t know how long his sentence will be, but I’m hopeful he will get out by the time we need him again,” said Immonen. “But what we’re doing at the moment, we can get on with it without him for, let’s say, at least six to eight months. What happens after that, I don’t know. We’ll have to think about it then.”

Snipes was jailed in December after being convicted of tax evasion, and is set to be released sometime in 2013.