*TMZ is digging up all the dirt surrounding the custody battle brewing between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.

The website has tracked down investment banker Page Bogart, who dated Aubry just before he met the Oscar winner. She says she reached out to Halle with warnings that Gabriel was nothing more than an opportunist who had a thing for very young women.

“Gabriel’s entire motivation has always been money,” she told TMZ, adding, “I tried to warn Halle early on but I guess she didn’t want to believe it.”

Page, who dated Gabriel five years ago, says he raged at her — accusing her of leaking unflattering information about him to the media  — and she provided one of his voicemails to make her point.

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Page says she saw Halle at a Miami Beach golf club and told her all about Gabriel, to no avail.

Page says she knows when Gabriel started dating Halle, “He had a few Latin hoochies on the side,” but Halle wouldn’t hear about it.