*The Black Biz Hookup launched last week as the first group buying website whose merchant offerings of “Daily Deals” are Black owned and operated businesses.

The Black Biz Hookup’s mission statement is to act as the focal point on the Internet for Group Buying discounted product and service offerings, highlighting and supporting Black Owned and Operated Businesses.

Using the Group Buying model popularized by Groupon and various other sites, the Black Biz Hookup allows consumers to purchase one “Daily Deal” for various goods or services.

Another goal of the Black Biz Hookup is to help struggling Black Owned and Operated Businesses stay afloat in today’s volatile, often unpredictable economy.

The Black Biz Hookup is launching in Atlanta, Memphis, Indianapolis and San Diego adding additional major metropolitan cities in the coming weeks.

The site can be found at www.blackbizhookup.com and opened for business on February 1st, 2011 ushering in the start of Black History month.