Jermaine and Alejandra Jackson

*Alejandra Jackson – the mother of kids by both Jermaine and Randy Jackson – has reportedly been busy shopping a reality show that would bring her family drama to television.

Sources close to Alejandra tell TMZ she’s in talks with several producing partners to star in a reality show along with her children. She’s also working on a tell-all book and is said to be searching for a writer.

In January, the Michael Jackson estate asked a judge to remove Alejandra and her kids — Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. — from the family home, as previously reported. That came after Alejandra turned down Mama Katherine’s request to leave the house so it could be renovated.

Katherine offered Alejandra a condo if she signed a confidentiality agreement — but Alejandra refused.

TMZ reports, “We’re told Alejandra feels she needs to make money — from the reality show and the book — because the fathers of her children are behind on support payments. For instance, Jermaine owes Alejandra almost $100,000 in back child support.

“A hearing on whether Alejandra has to leave the house is set for March 15.”