*The Dream and Christina Milian are currently in a court battle over their divorce settlement — and one major point of contention has to do with Justin Bieber.

According to papers filed in Georgia, The Dream (real name Terius Youngdell Nash) previously agreed to pay Milian a hefty settlement — including 10% of his publishing interest in Bieber’s mega hit, “Baby,” which The Dream co-wrote.

TMZ is reporting that The Dream is pissed because Milian is trying to renegotiate the settlement by demanding more support, including a greater percentage of the Bieber cash cow.

Because Christina tried to renegotiate, The Dream is trying to pull the plug on any payments to her – a move Christina is fighting.

Milian’s lawyer tells TMZ, “Mr. Nash filed for divorce. He wanted the divorce, not our client. She then agreed to resolve it peacefully and outside of the court. Now his lawyer is writing me saying there’s no agreement when we 100% made an agreement on the record.”

Below, the song in the middle of the divorce battle. At press time, it had been viewed 451,137,154 times.