*Lil Kim’s latest mixtape, “Black Friday,” was finally released earlier this week to some nice sales figures … according to Lil Kim.

The diminutive raptress says sales are north of the 113,000 mark via PayPal, which have netted her more than $1.2 million. She’s also claiming that this makes her the site’s highest seller ever.

But after some cried foul about the numbers, the Queen Bee isn’t holding it against her detractors.

“I respect the haters, because haters do what they do,” she told TheBoomBox. “I expect haters to do [their] job, and that’s cool because I’m just proving myself each time. What are they going to say about the ‘Black Friday’ video numbers at 2.5 million in less than 15 hours? That’s not something I can make up.”

It’s not helping that PayPal isn’t backing her up her statement because the company says it doesn’t keep track of overall sales.

“I just know that at this point, I’m successful. I’ve already won because the whole world is talking about me, whether good or bad,” she continued. “I just feel like that’s how finicky people are. They pick what they want to pick to attack. I know representatives from PayPal have spoken on the situation, so I’m cool, whatever. It don’t even matter to me at this point.”

Watch the official video for “Black Friday” (NSFW):