*”Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son” premieres in theaters nationwide this weekend and stars Martin Lawrence, of course, and Brandon T. Jackson donning the fat suit as FBI agent Malcolm Turner and stepson Trent as sort of a portable witness protection program after he (Trent) witnesses a mob hit.

This is the third time we’ve seen Lawrence in this role. While attending the press junket in Los Angeles the veteran actor/comedian told reporters his key to being comfortable under all that fake flesh.

“I’m just relaxing,” said Martin. “I’m trying to be comfortable in that pose that I’m in because in that suit it ain’t too much more you can do. You just gotta relax and wait for them to call the next take. To me it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets the funny. I just go with it. I created the character so I know the ends and outs of the character. That’s what makes me comfortable with it.”

Though some would argue the purpose of a 3rd installment of the “Big Momma” franchise, getting dressed up as a female has been a part of Lawrence’s comedy since his days on television. In addition to the film Martin says he’s still doing stand up as well.

“I really haven’t changed much in my stand up,” said Lawrence of his routine. “I mean, certain subject matter has changed. I talk about things that I can define. I don’t just talk about things because they might be a popular subject. I just talk about things that I know about. Relationships and things like that. My audience hasn’t changed. They’re hardcore and dedicated and they’re the reason I’m still around today. I just had ‘Death at a Funeral,’ I’ve been doing stand up. I did 13 dates in different cities. Those are things that I’ve done. Other than that, I’ve just been a father, a husband. I got married after 14 years with my lady. I ain’t breaking no hearts. That’s why you got film so you can go back and put the tape in and go down memory lane or where ever you want to go.

And what has marriage contributed to that routine?

“I think I’ve got a long ways to go before that concert film comes out but hopefully it will give me nothing but good material.”

Very diplomatic answer, brother! It appears as if he has this whole talking while married thing down to a science. As we all know, the “Martin” television show has become a cult classic and is doing very well in syndication on TV One. Does Lawrence plan on going back to TV on a long term basis?

“No, I love doing films but in (TV One’s) ‘I Love That Girl’ (with Tatyana Ali) I’m a guest star on there as her uncle,” he explained. “Was thinking I could show my face and hopefully bring some more fun to what they’re already doing over there and that’ll be the first time that I’ve been in television since the Martin show.”

Martin also confided to EUR’s Lee Bailey and other media reps the minute possibility of Jamie Fox’s super funny female alter-ego from “In Living Color” and Martin’s Shanaynay Jenkins teaming up. Now that would be funny!

“Jamie and myself are actually working on this script with Wanda and Shanaynay together,” Lawrence told reporters. “I think people really want to see it. It’s a lot of fun. We did a teaser on the BET Awards. Jamie Fox was hosting it and people responded to it real well. Now we’re going to try to turn it into a movie. When I say I want to get the script together I mean we got to keep it tight. The studio has to approve it.”

And just when you thought Martin Lawrence was through starring in summer blockbusters along comes another installment in the “Bad Boys” franchise as well.

“They’re writing the script right now. Big Willie (Will Smith) came down and talked to me while I was making ‘Death at a Funeral.’ We talked about it and said we gotta make it happen. If Big Willie wants to do it then you know it’s going to get done.”

Sho must be nice to have a friend named Big Willie. Kind of like the E.F. Hutton of Hollywood. In the meantime, “Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son” stars Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson and is directed by John Whitesell and opens in theaters throughout North America this weekend.