*MC Lyte in all of her wisdom and grace lent her knowledge and opinions about the Nicki Minaj – Lil’ Kim madness, saying it’s healthy.

She said beef is just the nature of Hip Hop and without it, the world wouldn’t go round.

Lyte has had her share of beef during her career, most noted for her diss records “10% Dis” and “Shut the Eff Up (Hoe).”

“Battles have existed from the beginning of time,” Lyte told boombox.com. “I’ve had mine, and that’s just the nature of Hip Hop.”

Kim has paid homage to her predecessor Lyte by reciting the first line of “10% Dis” but the pioneer isn’t taking sides. She’s just watching the it all unfold. But she also commented that it at times, you just got to call it a truce.

It doesn’t look like the fire will be quenched any time soon though. “Black Friday” mixtape cover artwork features a decapitated Minaj.