*Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Tuesday he won’t seek re-election this fall but vowed to fulfill his current term and oversee the restoration of order in the country consumed with anti-government unrest for more than a week.

Mubarak said the demonstrations paralyzing Egypt began as expressions of the legitimate will of the people for democratic reforms but were “exploited” by political forces bent on creating chaos and destroying the constitution.

Mubarak insisted he didn’t seek power or prestige, but said he wouldn’t shirk his responsibilities as leader by leaving office while the country is in turmoil.

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Mubarak on TV Tonight: He’s Stepping Down … in October

*Embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will address his nation tonight, the Al Arabiya news network announced today.

Mubarak will announce that he is stepping down from the leadership after the next election, expected in October, but will stay in office until then, the network said without identifying the source of its information.

The Egyptian government did not immediately confirm that the president planned a public address, news agencies in Cairo reported.

Mubarak has said little since the clamor for his ouster began more than a week ago and has escalated and paralyzed the economy of the Middle East’s most populous nation. A demonstration in Cairo on Tuesday drew at least 200,000 protesters, the largest so far to demand that Mubarak resign after nearly 30 years as president.