*On Monday, EURweb.com was at club Slate in New York City for a dual celebration for radio personality Lil’ Nat of 98.7 Kiss FM.

Having met her for the first time we would be remise if we didn’t mention how adorable she is. We know, she’s plenty grown but still cute as a button.

Not only was the diminutive diva celebrating a birthday, but the birth of a new project as well.  Celebrities were showing up in droves all night long as folks like comedian Talent, EMI producer/recording artist Mikey J, Funkmaster Flex, and Talib Kweli entered the building to show their support.

Tahera Simmons, ex-wife of DMX aka Earl Simmons, was present as well for a silent auction for her Women of Strength non-profit organization’s adopted causes, Westhab.org and Silent Voices, a group that supports AIDS and HIV awareness among young people ages 16-24.

The lady of the night was quite busy making her social rounds and we were lucky enough to get her to sit still long enough to get the scoop on her new TV show titled “On the Backburner.”

“The idea for ‘On the Backburner’ came from when I was at home sick and I was watching the Food Network,” explained Nat. “And I love food and I like to cook. I thought ‘this is cool for people that want to be cooks and stuff, but for people who don’t want to be cooks how would you make it a little more funky? A little more interesting?’

“I came up with the idea of having celebrities make their favorite meal, and interview them while we’re cooking it. It’s supposed to be them teaching me and the viewers how to cook their favorite meals.  Whatever it is.  It could be a bowl of cereal, french toast, steak or whatever they want to make.”

Though we couldn’t imagine a celebrity cooking anything that would be fitting enough for our royal palette, Lil’ Nat says we would be surprised at the tasty offerings that have been created on her show thus far.

“Well, Talent made fried fish with macaroni salad, Uncle Ralph McDaniels made curry chicken breast with pineapple sauce and yellow rice.  Papoose made baked salmon with shrimp scampi, she offered as examples”

But not everyone can conjure up culinary masterpieces.  While nobody came with boiled hotdogs, Nat says DJ Kayslay wants to make his French toast and boasts of its potency.  This we have to see!

Currently the show can be scene at Hot97.com as well as Kiss-FM’s website, and is being shopped around for television distribution.  Good luck Nat!

In the interim, stay tuned for future editions of EURweb.com as we bring you our interviews with some of Nat’s guests like Talent and the singing voices of Simplicity.