*(Via USA Today) Social justice, humility and “to walk closer with God” are President Obama’s daily prayers, he told the National Prayer Breakfast this morning.

In a speech laced with Scripture, he initially covered familiar ground, noting how he came from a non-religious family that, nonetheless, showed him “the imperative of an ethical life and the necessity to act on your beliefs.” Then through his work as a community organizer he says, he “came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior.”

Now, he says, “The presidency has a funny way of making a person feel the need to pray.”

He also joked a bit: “It is comforting to know people are praying for you who don’t always agree with you,” he said, mentioning his friend Sen. Tom Coburn. Obama told Coburn that one day God would lead him to vote Obama’s way now and then:

Tom, It’s gonna happen. A ray of life is going to beam down”

But the heart of his speech was to detail his prayers from the general to the specific.

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