*Spike Lee and his dynamic wife, Tonya Lewis Lee have decided to participate in creating a book called”Giant Steps to Change the World” to help inspire children.

The book shares with readers of all ages the great accomplishments of world leaders including Mother Teresa and Barack Obama. Most the leaders presented in the book are African American.

The Lees even suggested several other greats like Langston Hughes, Muhammad Ali, the Tuskeegee Airmen, but they were not included.

Asked if the book, which is illustrated with Sean Qualls’ collages, aims for a balance, Spike challenges the question: “What kind of balance?”

Tonya Lewis Lee was more diplomatic.

“We’re inspired by all kinds of people: Marva Collins, the Chicago teacher who started a school for kids who were thought to be unteachable, and Albert Einstein who had trouble learning to read. It’s not about politics or race or ethnicity.”

The book’s purpose is to inspire and uplift everyone from all ages and races.

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