*Yesterday of course was Valentine’s Day and Mashonda, the embattled ex-wife of Swizz Beatz, launched a new relationship-themed website.

At the site, www.MashondaLoyal.com, which stresses love and loyalty, the singer also gives advice for fans from her own experiences in relationships.

“On this journey, I’ve experienced a lot and decided it was time to share my lessons and blessings with the lives I’ve touched along the way,” her website reveals. “I became a better mother, a better friend and a better me. MashondaLoyal.com is my personal space and an opportunity for me to share my journey with you.”

Additionally, the site also features new videos and music from Mashonda, as well as excerpts from her forthcoming memoir, “Death of a Mermaid.”

Mashonda is also the star of a new reality series, “Love and Hip-Hop,” which premieres Monday, March 14 on VH1.