*Atlanta, GA – If you pay attention to network news or read articles you are likely aware of the vast number of disappointing stories that bombard us on a regular basis; reports of health epidemics, failing school systems and corporate or political scandals.

The overwhelming quantity of negative images prompted one business owner to ask the question: “How could positive messages be communicated on a scale large enough to counter the volume of unpleasant ones?” His answer was clothing.

Can clothing play a legitimate role in addressing social problems? Can clothing help students perform better in school? Can clothing motivate people to put forward a better effort or live a healthier lifestyle? Cornelius Davis, the owner of Outstanding Apparel, seems to think so.

“Clothing was chosen because of its effectiveness in conveying messages and its ability to influence others. If someone wears a shirt with a visible message most people will take time to read what it says. Our focus is creating thought provoking messages that pull on the strings of people’s emotions.”

The company’s merchandise is unique to the clothing found in most retail stores, this is reciprocated through the company name “Outstanding Apparel.” The name also sends a subliminal message to people that wear the clothes, “you will stand out from the crowd.”

Outstanding Apparel is certainly not the first to take such an approach, however the company envisions creating a combination of products that will eventually become popular enough to start a movement. Their mission is to encourage people from all walks of life to move beyond the status quo, set higher standards and accomplish greater achievements.

Over the past year, the company has developed three distinct clothing brands along with several attention grabbing themes such as health, education and accountability to name a few. They have also partnered with organizations by creating custom themes for events and fundraisers.

Outstanding Apparel has seen a steady increase in their customer base as well as the number of organizations they partner with. The company has two brand new themes to be released early summer and expectations are very high.

For more info contact Cornelius Davis at 678-632-5554, email him: [email protected] and/or visit the company’s website: www.outstandingapparelcorp.com.

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