*Quintes “Que” Austin, a 16-year-old male rapper from Milwaukee, WI has made a huge impact with his single, “Can’t Keep Runnin Away” featuring Patrice Downey. (Scroll down to watch the video.) The song was written by Que and it is based around the scenarios of bullying, a subject that has become a major issue within the US.

“It is focused on bullying in general. You have to stand up for what you believe in and you cannot keep running away from your problems,” said Austin.

Before Que’s success, he was just another inspired rapper trying to make it into the industry.

“I started off not really wanting to be a rapper, but I practiced so much that I got better at it and I did not even realize it,” said Austin.

Que has been inspired not only by the record label he works for, 3D Entertainment/Tonestruck Records, but New Orleans based rapper, Lil Wayne had an affect on him as well.

“I was told that I sound like Lil Wayne when I started rapping but I couldn’t be like somebody else,” he stated. “I have found myself with changing up my style and approach and I can still say today that I am inspired by him,” he added. Que feels that Lil Wayne has made a huge impact in the industry and stated, “Who else would inspire me then someone who has already accomplish something that I’m trying to accomplish.”

Since the debut of his single on V100-FM/Milwaukee, Que has been featured on Ebony Magazine’s website, EbonyJet.com; DubCNN.com; and RealRapTalk.com. Coming up, BET News and Ebony Magazine are preparing to feature the rapper in various stories. The rush of everything that has happened to him since the release of his song has overwhelmed Que.

“Feels good to know that I am making progress right now. I came from poverty to sitting in the Marriot hotel … I wouldn’t have thought that I would be here,” said Austin.

Along with doing interviews, Que is preparing for a tour throughout the city of Milwaukee as Wisconsin state senator, Lena C. Taylor is preparing a concert to bring awareness to the subject of bullying to all the local schools.

“It’s good to be apart of this because it is positive,” said the rapper. “I’m reaching out to the youth and the grownups on this issue and the feedback that they give me when they say, that’s positive, I like it, it’s a win win situation because they get good music and I get good feedback,” he added.

Looking down the line Que said he wants to be on top of the music charts and be in a higher place.

“I want to maintain and stay in the rap game and make a voice for this movement,” said Que.

He expressed that his priority was to make music that reaches out to every crowd worldwide.

“I’m not being cocky but I want my music to go across the world and be able to go to France and sing my music. I see myself in a higher place and I want to be in the rap game forever,” said Austin.

To view Que’s video for “Can’t Keep Runnin’ Away” click on the player below.