Singer Usher poses for pictures at the (BELVEDERE) RED launches with Usher photo call on February 10, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

*Usher has revealed that he would consider joining “X Factor” when in launches this year in the US.

The singer, who is a good friend of executive producer Simon Cowell, said that he would be happy to take a judging or mentoring role on the new series.

“Simon and I have talked about doing things together and I always try to be supportive of people who are friends of mine,” he told the Daily Mail.

Cowell previously described Usher as a “great mentor” but questioned whether he could afford enough time to the program.

“I like Usher, I like the fact he worked with Justin Bieber, great mentor,” said Cowell. “But it’s about the level of commitment someone is willing to give to the show and if they’re willing to help another artist.”