13-year old Nadin Khoury being bullied by seven teenagers on his way home from school.

*The days of good old fashioned horseplay are over.  Young people are really trying to hurt one another, some have been killed while being bullied.

You used to get a couple kids that would steal your lunch money or one main kid that would always torment and/or try to beat someone up, but now bullies are being manufactured at a much more alarming rate.  In Philadelphia, just three weeks ago, a young man was not only bullied, but ambushed by what police are calling a “wolf pack.”

Tuesday on the Today show, a just released video from Philadelphia police showed Nadin Khoury, 13, being bullied on his way home from school.  Seven teenage boys jumped him and tormented him for approximately 20 minutes.

One of the attackers were dumb enough to tape the whole thing on his cell phone.  Police released the tapes to the media so that an immediate impact of the attack could be felt throughout the community. (more…)